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We help you to protect your company’s most valuable financial asset—your ability to produce an income-- from the effects of a chronic sickness or injury through first-rate Group Disability Income Protection Insurance.
Disability Income Protection:  Are You and Your Employees Financially Prepared?
 It strikes like a bolt from the blue: unwanted, unexpected, unwelcome.  Unfortunately, many of us are totally unprepared for the financial hit that a disability of any kind can bring.  According to a Federal Reserve Report on the Economic Well-Being of US Households, 46% are not prepared for even a $400 emergency. 

Almost 9 out of 10 employees trust their employer to provide financial and insurance information. Yet, only about 1 out of 3 Employees have access to Employer-Sponsored Disability Income Protection Insurance to protect their income and their financial well-being.
As alarming is that, particularly for groups of under 100 employees, the protection they have in place may not even provide the real benefit that they believe that they have.

How can you know if you have a good income protection plan?  Click on the link above to get your free “Income Protection Guide.”  This valuable guide provides concise information on the probability of a life altering disability, as well as a simple checklist to help you to test your knowledge of how well your present income protection plan would protect your most valuable financial asset: Your ability to produce an income!

Better yet, contact us for a personal, no obligation review of your current plan and how you can enhance it to more effectively meet your specific goals and requirements.  It could be the most valuable 20 minutes of your day.
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